Summer 2007


Course handouts in pdf form

(summary of information on this website)



General Information – Frequently asked questions

  • How to contact your professor
  • Books you need
  • Grading scheme


Course Outline

  • The material to be covered, chapter by chapter


Teaching Assistants


Laboratory and Tutorial Information

– Frequently asked questions


Note: This document contains important information:

·         Start of term - where to go.

·         Deadlines for lab report completion.

·         Rules regarding missed labs.


Lab and Tutorial Schedule

Note: please check this schedule for tutorial questions to be covered in any particular two week cycle. This page will be updated as the term progresses.


Laboratory Experiments

  • Web version of the lab manual (pdf)


Professor's Course Materials



All students taking Chem 206 are required to take the "Chem 101" Seminar (on the Academic Code of Conduct) and do the associated quiz if they have not already done so. The seminars are normally given in the second week of term. More details will be posted to the associated Moodle course web site (Chem101) accessible through the MyConcordia portal. Note that, until you have attended the seminar, you will only be able to log in as a guest. Seminar sign-up sheets will be placed in the Departmental Office, room SP 201-01.




Your lab T.A.s will insist that your prelab be completed before you are admitted to the lab, and will enforce the half-hour grace period pertaining to lateness.

In addition, the T.A.s will not return your prelabs until they have also marked your lab reports. For this reason, make sure the prelab is properly done, and keep a copy of any information which you may need to do the lab efficiently, for example your summary of the protocol.

Get your Lab Report Receipt Record signed when you hand anything in.

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