CHEM242 - 1999 Chapter 18 Course Notes

Chemistry 242 - Inorganic Chemistry II
Chapter 18 - Oxygen


Ionic Oxides

Covalent Oxides

Acid-Base Properties of Oxides

Occurence, Isolation and Allotropy

Excited State - Singlet Oxygen

Skip this section.

Hydrogen Peroxide

The Peroxides and Superoxides

The Dioxygenyl Radical (O2+)

See notes on Chapter 21.

Dioxygen as a Ligand

Read this section - oxygen binding to transition metals is of interest because of its binding by haemoglobin and myoglobin. Note the structural types.

Oxygen Compounds as Ligands

More transition metal chemistry. Skip it for now.

Oxygen Florides

See notes on Chapter 20.