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This is a photo of a molecular force probe

We specialize in:

  • folding and self-organization of bio-inspired foldamers and macrocycles
  • force spectroscopy of biopolymers
  • chiral symmetry breaking
  • dynamic combinatorial chemistry

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Dynamic implications of supramolecular chemistry

This is a photo of the self-assembly of Lego blocks

The underlying theme of our research program revolves around dynamic processes. Ultimately, we are aiming for a deeper understanding of the interplay between kinetics and thermodynamics in various chemical systems.

Three specific topics under investigation are: (i) Single molecule force measurements for studying unfolding, adhesion, and molecular interactions, (ii) Chiral symmetry breaking, and (iii) Dynamic combinatorial chemistry (DCC).

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Interested in taking a course with me?

The classes I teach include introductory and advanced Organic Chemistry courses and an advanced graduate course on Supramolecular Chemistry.

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