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  • Y. Fang, N. Salame, S. Woo, D. S. Bohle, T. Friščić, L. A. Cuccia, Rapid and facile solvent-free mechanosynthesis in a cell lysis mill: preparation and mechanochemical complexation of aminobenzoquinones, CrystEngComm, 16; 7180-7185 (2014)
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  • S. Azeroual, J. Surprenant, T. D. Lazzara, M. Kocun, Y. Tao, L. A. Cuccia and J.-M. Lehn, Mirror Symmetry Breaking and Chiral Amplification in Foldamer-Based Supramolecular Helical Aggregates, Chemical Communications, 48; 2292-2294 (2012)
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  • M. Kocun, M. Grandbois and L. A. Cuccia, Single Molecule Atomic Force Microscopy and Force Spectroscopy of Chitosan, Colloids and Surfaces B, 82; 470-476 (2011)
  • C. Madwar, W. Chu Kwan, L. Deng, O. Ramström, R. Schmidt, S. Zou and L. A. Cuccia, Perfluorophenyl Azide Immobilization Chemistry for Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy of the Concanavalin a/Mannose Interaction, Langmuir, 26; 16677-16680 (2010)
  • J. J. Mousseau, L. Xing, N. Tang and L. A. Cuccia, Design and Synthesis of Urea-Linked Aromatic Oligomers-a Route Towards Convoluted Foldamers, Chemistry--A European Journal, 15; 10030-10038, S10030/10031-S10030/10056 (2009)
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  • R. Naccache, F. Vetrone, V. Mahalingam, L. A. Cuccia and J. A. Capobianco, Controlled Synthesis and Water Dispersibility of Hexagonal Phase NaGdF4:Ho3+/Yb3+ Nanoparticles, Chemistry of Materials, 21; 717-723 (2009)
  • P. S. M. Cheung, J. Gagnon, J. Surprenant, Y. Tao, H. Xu and L. A. Cuccia, Complete Asymmetric Amplification of Ethylenediammonium Sulfate Using an Abrasion/Grinding Technique, Chemical Communications, 987-989 (2008)
  • A. Petitjean, L. A. Cuccia, M. Schmutz and J.-M. Lehn, Naphthyridine-Based Helical Foldamers and Macrocycles: Synthesis, Cation Binding, and Supramolecular Assemblies, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 73; 2481-2495 (2008)


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