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Graduate Students

Positions for graduate students are available in my lab. Please contact me for additional information.

  • FQRNT (deadline September): Link
  • FQRNT for foreign graduate students (deadline June): Link
  • NSERC (deadline September): Link
  • EU citizens: Link
  • French citizens: Link
  • German students: Link
  • International students: Link

Undergraduate Students

Please contact me directly if you are considering a CHEM 419 or CHEM 450 project in my lab.

If you are interested in conducting research in my labs during the summer and have a high GPA (3.7+) you may be eligible for an NSERC USRA that pays $5625 for 16 weeks.

  • NSERC USRA: Link
  • Green Chemistry Centre: Link
  • PharmaQAM: Link

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

I currently do not have any funding available for Post-Doctoral Fellows.

However, some scholarship funding may be available for outstanding applicants, please contact me for further details or have a look at the links below.

  • FQRNT (deadline late September): Link
  • FQRNT for foreign post-doctoral fellows (deadline June): Link
  • NSERC (deadline September): Link

Contact me.


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