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Graduate Students

We are always interested in welcoming new graduate students (MSc and/or PhD) to our team. Please contact Professor Forgione (pat.forgione@concordia.ca) directly for more information.

Graduate students are encouraged to apply for external scholarships, some of which are:

  • FQRNT (Quebec residents): Link
  • FQRNT (International Students): Link
  • NSERC (Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents): Link
  • EU citizens: Link
  • International Students: Link 1Link 2Link 3

Concordia Undergraduate Students

Please contact me directly if you are considering a CHEM 419 or CHEM 450 project in my lab.

If you are interested in conducting research in my labs during the summer and have a high GPA (3.7+) you may be eligible for an NSERC USRA that pays $5625 for 16 weeks.

International Undergraduate Students

We are always happy to welcome international undergraduate students to spend time in our lab who can obtain funding to do so. Some possibilities include:

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

I currently have limited funding available for Post-Doctoral Fellows, please look into funding opportunities that exist in your home country

However, some scholarship funding may be available for outstanding applicants, please contact me for further details or have a look at the links below.

  • FRQNT (deadline late June/July for international applicants): Link
  • Non-Canadians:: Link 1Link 2
  • Indian students:: Link

Contact me.


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