Ph.D. (1974) University of Lyon I; Associate Professor (1991- ) Office H-1157 Phone (514)848-3343; Fax (514)848-2868


E-mail to: lvmao@vax2.concordia.ca


Our research interests lie in the areas of Inorganic Materials (Porous Materials,Zeolites, composite Porous Materials), Heterogeneous Catalysis, Petroleum and Natural Gas chemistry, Gases and Vapors Separation:

* Pore Size Engineering in Zeolites by a novel technique called DRS (desilication,reinsertion,stabilization).Application to: Selective catalytic reactions (olefin production from paraffinic hydrocarbons, methanol-to-olefin,catalytic cracking) and selective separation processes(production of oxygen from air,para-xylene from its isomers mixture).

* Preparation of Zeolites with enhanced surface acid sites. Application to : production of methyl-tertbutyl ether and other ether-type octane number boosters ; alkylation of isobutane-light olefins for high grade gasoline production.

* Study of novel Trifunctional Catalysts (acid sites/dehydro-hydrogenation sites/de-adsorption-transfer promoting sites). Application to the hydro-isomerization of long chain paraffins for the production of high octane rating transportation fuels.

* Study of the new Catlever (Catalytic Lever) concept. Application to the deep cracking of petroleum naphthas for the production of light olefins.

* New Processes for deep catalytic Cracking.

* Method for the preparation of Composite Zeolite-Clay membranes and disks. Application to selective catalytic reactions and gas-phase separation processes.

Although our research projects are all oriented to industrial applications, we also examine fundamental aspects of the reactions of interest (mechanisms, kinetics, diffusion phenomena) and of the materials under development (chemical, textural, surface or bulk properties, as well as their chemistry of formation).


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