Research Group - H.M. Muchall

Current group members

Philippe Archambault, MSc 2015
Computational investigation of weak-bonding interactions in substituted borane-ketone complexes
PhD student since September 2015, co-supervision with Dr Gilles Peslherbe
Weak bonding interactions in nucleic acid tetraloops

Past group members

Stephen Boateng, MSc 2013
C-H...O Participation in the dimer of aromatic N-sulfinylhydrazines
Lynn Betts
MSc student 2012-2013
Computational studies on the role of weak bonding interactions in the control of molecular self-aggregation
Sima Mehrpajouh, MSc 2012, co-supervision with Dr Gilles Peslherbe
Computational studies on formation and intermolecular [1+2] cycloadditions of nitrilimines
Lei Zhang
MSc student 2002-2004, co-supervision with Dr Gilles Peslherbe
PhD student 2005-2012, co-supervision with Dr Gilles Peslherbe
Theoretical studies of organic photochemistry
François David
MSc student 2006-2012, co-supervision with Dr Xavier Ottenwaelder
Experimental and computational studies of reactive supramolecular metal complexes
Irena Beylis
PhD student 2009-2010, left for Ottawa
Experimental and computational studies on the self-assembly of bifunctional N-sulfinylhydrazines
Elena Ivanova, PhD 2010
Electronic structure and hydrolytic reactivity of N-sulfinyl species
Dr Feryal Safinejad
Postdoctoral Fellow 2009-2010, co-supervision with Dr Christine DeWolf
Computational and experimental studies on Langmuir monolayers
Sanjun Li, PhD 2009
NMR studies on N-sulfinylanilines: Solvent effects and complexation with pyridine
Now a chemist at Clayton Chemicals, Missouri
Petrina Kamya, PhD 2009
Relationship between nucleic acid sequence, structure and function in terms of stabilizing interactions
Now a consultant at Extenso Intelligence, Montreal
Ying Zhao, MSc 2008, co-supervision with Dr Christine DeWolf
Monolayer behavior of phenolic lipids: Experimental and computational studies
Now a Quality Assurance Inspector at Charles River Laboratories
Dr Robert Mawhinney, Postdoctoral Fellow 2003-2006, co-supervision with Dr Gilles Peslherbe
Computational and theoretical studies on stereoelectronic effects
Now an Associate Professor at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay
Pratibha Malla, MSc 2005
Structural analysis of N-phenyl-N'-sulfinylhydrazines and their hydrogen bonded dimers
Now a technician at Vanier College, Montreal
Dr Francis Djapa, Postdoctoral Fellow 2003-2004
Synthesis of monomers used towards self-assembly studies
Now a chemist at Toronto Research Chemicals, Toronto
Joseph Patapas, MSc 2003
The photolytic deprotection of ketones from aromatic hydrazones
PhD University of Windsor 2007
Now a chemistry lab lecturer at Nipissing University, North Bay
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