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Developing advanced nanoscale polymer-based materials for biomedical applications, our research group focuses on enhancing tissue engineering, imaging contrast agents and targeted drug delivery systems

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Laboratory of polymer and nanoscale biomaterials chemistry

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Our research group brings together research from the field of polymer chemistry and nanoscience at the interface of biology, pharmacy, and biomedicine. Our group primarily focuses on the design and development of macromolecular nanoscale devices as multifunctional drug delivery nanocarriers, cellular imaging platforms, and tissue scaffolds for biological and biomedical applications. Our particular interests are the integration of nanostructured materials with biology and biomedicine to develop advanced bionanomaterials with multifunctionalities such as stimuli-responsive degradation (SRD). These materials can interface with biological processes as well as understand their biological functions, thus offering enormous potential for cancer research and treatment. Currently, we are developing two major bionanomaterials, each of which addresses critical problems in the areas of biomedicine:

  • SRD-based nanomaterials: self-assembled block copolymer-based nanocarriers, hydrogels, nanogels, fibers, and thermoresponsive polymers.
  • Multidentate block copolymer (MDBC)-stabilized organic and inorganic hybrids (magnetic nanoparticles, quantum dots, carbon nanotubes).

Furthermore, we have expanded our research scope to include the development of high-performance crosslinked materials for industrial applications.

  • High performance industrial materials: thiol-ene crosslinked materials and self-healable materials.

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Prof. John Oh

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Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Nanobioscience
Associate professor

Office: SP275.09 (514-848-2424 x5306)
Lab: SP334.00 (514-848-2424 x3453, x3481)


  • NSERC PDF Carnegie Mellon University (2005-2006)
  • PhD University of Toronto (2004)
  • MSc Hanyang University, Seoul Korea (1992)
  • BSc Hanyang University, Seoul Korea (1989)

Awards and recognition

  • Dean's Award for Excellence in Scholarship-Mid-Career/Concordia University (2016)
  • CRC Award (renewal) (2016-2021)
  • Emerging Materials Researcher, Materials Chemistry Symposium, CSC (2016)
  • CNC-IUPAC Travel Award (2013)
  • CRC Award, NSERC Canada (2011 - 2016)
  • PCI Outstanding Paper Award (2nd place), 37th International Waterborne, High-Solids, and Powder Coatings Symposium, LA (2010)
  • World-top 1% most cited paper, ISI Thomson (2009)
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, NSERC Canada (2004 - 2005)


  • Editorial board of Asian Journal of Materials Chemistry (2015- )
  • Editor for the section of "Biomaterials" in "Materials"
  • Editorial board of International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry (2013- )
  • A guest editor for Materials entitled "Advances in Nanoscale Biomaterials" (2012)
  • Editorial board of Dataset Papers for Nanotechnology (2012)
  • Editorial board of Polymers (2009- )

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