POMS goes International!

26th POMs at SUNY, Buffalo, New York, on Nov 6 - 8, 1998.

For the first time, the "Ontario-Quebec" Physical Organic Mini-Symposium was held "abroad", just over the border in the United States! This choice of venue was in recognition of the long-time participation and support of our US friends and neighbours. Besides, it provided a golden opportunity for John Richard and Tina Amyes to demonstrate their considerable organizational skills, and to bring a major "cultural event" to the city of Buffalo.

In a slight departure from the normal POMs format, there were four invited lectures on the Friday afternoon, to the benefit of "keeners" who could get to Buffalo by Friday lunch time. The lecturers were: Andy Bennet (Simon Fraser U), Peter Wan (U of Victoria), Joe Lambert (Northwestern U) and Charlie Perrin (UC San Diego).

For the 26th POMS, there were over 100 registrants from very diverse locations. Besides most of the "usual suspects" from Ontario and Québec, and the four "exotics" just listed, there were participants from Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, several places in New York state, North Carolina, Nova Scotia, Ohio, Saskatchewan, Sweden (!), Tennessee, and the UK (!). This eclectic group gave a total of 30 contributed talks and about 20 posters.

Many thanks to the sponsors and the University at Buffalo for their support. Above all, we are indebted to John and Tina for putting on such good show, and extra thanks to Tina for making sure the coffee was strong enough to suite some of us.

Some photographs are just below.

A few of the Rogues at the 26th POMS Dinner !

Tom Tidwell and the Host, John Richard.

Hostess, Tina Amyes with Nick Werstiuk, holding their own.

Joe Lambert, Tom Tidwell and John Richard, seeking wisdom from the Guru Kresge.

Willie Leigh and Mark Workentin, soaking their olives.

Ossie Tee holding forth to Patrick Ruane and Tim Gadosy.

Paul Venneri and Nadine Merkley, seriously.

Willie and Mark had a bitter celery dispute ...

... but it all ended happily.

This was Heidi Muchall's second POMs.

The after-dinner speaker - in baggy pants!

Digital photos were kindly supplied by Robert Donkers (then a graduate student at UWO). 

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