Photos from the 28th POMs, Nov 3 - 5, 2000, at Concordia U.

At the Registration & Mixer, upstairs at McKibbin's Pub, on Friday, November 3 ...

Bob Lemieux (Queen's) and Willie Leigh (McMaster) at the 28th POMs Registration Desk.

Note how eagerly Ossie Tee (Concordia) is looking at Willie's wallet and that Jeff Keillor (U de M) is ready to pounce on it.

What is Heidi Muchall (Concordia) doing under the table?

Andy Bennet (SFU) protecting the bar, upstairs at McKibbin's Pub.

How many other people can you recognize?

They are Bob Lemieux (Queen's), Heidi Muchall (Conc.), Nick Werstiuk (McMaster), Peter Guthrie (UWO), Ian Williams (Bath, UK), Ossie Tee (Conc.), John Warkentin (McMaster) and Ken Westaway (Laurentian).

Three graduate students from Concordia University:

Paul Loncke (aka "Mr. Teeth");

Jennifer Yazbeck (aka "OJ")

Joey Patapas (aka "El Greco").

At the Poster Session, on Saturday, November 4 .....

David Magri (Western),

Vimal Balakrishnan (Queen's)

and others.

Daryoush Tahmassebi (St. Francis-Xavier);

Joey Patapas (Concordia);

Tito Scaiano (Ottawa);

Jim Pincock (Dalhousie).

An unknown viewer with Michelle Chretien (Univ. of Ottawa) looking at her colourful poster on "Co-operative Effects in Multi-Component Photo-catalytic Systems".

Tom Tidwell (Toronto) and John Richard (SUNY, Buffalo), hard at work.

Tom Owen (McMaster) and Tito Scaiano (U. of Ottawa), in behind.

Confused and lost, again:

Julian Dust (Wilfrid Grenfell Coll.);

David Magri (Western Ontario);

Ken Maly (Queen's);

Ian Williams (Bath, UK).

John Warkentin (McMaster), in front of the prize-winning poster, "Absolute Rate Constants for some reactions of the Triethylamine-Boryl Radical and Borane Radical Anion", produced by Brad Sheeler (Carleton & NRC).

Joey Patapas (Concordia) standing on guard of his poster entitled "The Study of Photocatalytic Deprotection of Ketones".


Four of the usual suspects (left to right):

John Warkentin (McMaster);

John Richard (SUNY Buffalo);

Jim Pincock (Dalhousie);

Ken Westaway (Laurentian).

Rosalyne Castongauy (Montreal) talking to an unknown person about her poster on ... "Mechanistic Investigation of γ-Glutamyl Trans-peptidase.

Arnold Kell (Western Ontario);

Andy Bennet (Simon Fraser);

Willie Leigh (McMaster).

Asri Ghani (right) of Queen's, at his poster entitled "Synthesis and characterization of photo-switchable azobenzene dendrimers witth alkoxy-amine end-groups" with Alexei Fedortchenko (left) of Concordia.

The three pairs of legs, visible under the poster, have not yet been identified.

David Hodgson (SUNY Buffalo);

Jim King (Western Ontario);

Nabil Asaad (Cambridge, UK)

In the foreground:

Ossie Tee (Concordia), Keith Ingold (NRC), Sarah Tidwell and Sue Tee (behind Sarah)

In the background:

Jim Pincock (Dalhousie) and Ken Westaway (Laurentian)

In front:

Keith Ingold (NRC); John Atherton (Avecia, UK); Peter Guthrie (UWO); Bob McClelland (Toronto).


Willie Leigh (McMaster), Linda Johnston (NRC) and Jim Pincock (Dalhousie), I think.

Graduate students:

Tom Owens (McMaster) and

Jennifer Yazbeck (Concordia)

Digital photos taken by Tim Gadosy.

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