Photos from the 32nd POMs

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Nov 12 - 14, 2004.

In the main lecture room ...

Four suspects

    ... four of the usual suspects:

Chris Evans (Ryerson)

Tom Tidwell (Toronto)

Bob McClelland (Toronto)

Ossie Tee (Concordia)


At the Poster Session:

?; ?; ?;

Andy Bennet (SFU, at rear)

Heidi Muchall (Concordia)

Bob McDonald (Mt. St. Vincent)

OST (Concordia)

Vladimir Popik (Bowling Green).


outside ..









... Sinisa Vukovic

was checking

some of the 

local birds.

Photos at the Banquet ...

Robert Mawhinney (Concordia)

Joanne Leigh (McMaster)

Heidi Muchall (Concordia)

Cornelia Bohne (Victoria)


"The Young and the Restless" 

- from Tito Scaiano's Group:

Kathy McGilvray, Steve Maguire,

Jessie Blake, Larisa Mikelsons, 

Kathy-Sarah Focsaneanu, Carlos Sanrame,

Mathieu Frenette, Mark Perry 

and Matt Lukeman.

John Pezacki (NRC-SIMS) 

and company.

Jim Pincock (Dalhousie) and Chris Evans (Ryerson) - with some admirers?

Donna Brown (Queen's), 

Jeff Keillor (Montreal),

Ron Kluger (Toronto),

Bob Lemieux, the Organizer (Queen's)

Stan Brown (Queen's),

Peter Guthrie (Western),

Mario Pinto (SFU),

Andy Bennet (SFU)

Kenneth Maly (U de Montreal) in the blue shirt - and others.

John Warkentin (McMaster);

Holger Eichhorn and Nick Fox (Windsor);

Bob McDonald (Mt. St. Vincent);

Bob McClelland (Toronto);

Ossie Tee (Concordia)

Vladimir Popik (Bowling Green);

Shinji Kobayashi, Yvonne Chiang, Jerry Kresge and Tom Tidwell (all of Toronto);

Bill Saunders (Rochester)

Another bunch of "young 'uns".

Vimal Balakrishnan (NWRI - formerly of Queen's) and some friends (from Queen's?).

All the digital photos above were all taken by

Ogaritte Jennifer Yazbeck (Concordia U.).

Thank you, O.J.

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Created June 29, 2005
Last revised: 19 June 2014