Report on the 33rd POMs

Held at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario,  

November 11-13, 2005

The 35th POMs was organized by ...

Nick Werstiuk Willie Leigh Paul Berti
Nick willie Paul Berti

The meeting went off smoothly with just over 100 participants. In fact, 99 people had registered as of the Saturday evening, but a few extras crawled under the wire on Sunday morning.  On the Friday evening, there was the traditional opening mixer plus registration which were held at "The Phoenix" pub in Wentworth House.

On the program side, there were 41 poster presentations (see posters). and 27 oral presentations (see oral-pdf).

All of the talks, except one, were given using Powerpoint software and, mirabile dictu, there were no significant problems of PC-Mac compatibility or equipment failure, etc., as far as I could see. The standard of the student and post-doc presentations was again very high - as it has been in recent years - and so choosing the prize winners was a difficult task. The two winners were:

mathieu frenette Mathieu Frenette (U of Ottawa/Scaiano),

"Radically different antioxidants. Highly stabilized carbon-centered radicals as peroxyl radical trapping antioxidants".
paul billone Paul Billone (McMaster/Leigh),

"The photochemistry of a potential precursor to GeH2 and Ge2H4 in solution"

Just over 60 people attended the Banquet on the Saturday evening.  It was held in the Celebration Room of Kenneth Taylor Hall of McMaster University.  

After the Banquet, a goodly number moved on for further festivities at "The Bean Bar", at 1012 King St. West, Hamilton.  The entertainment was provided by a Blues Band, featuring Willie Leigh, McMaster's answer to the legendary Muddy Waters.

Finally, a special "Thank you" to the various symposium sponsors:

A very sincere and hearty "Well done!" to the three principal organizers and their helpers.

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