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*      My Ph.D. research was conducted at the University of British Columbia, in the field of inorganic coordination chemistry.  I worked on synthesizing photoluminescent transition-metal complexes whose light emission properties changed when reacted with small molecules.  These complexes were being investigated because of their potential for application as molecule-based chemical sensors for substances such as carbon monoxide.  One ruthenium complex I synthesized contained a ligand with a pendant fluorescent pyrene unit, whose luminescence switched from dim indigo-blue pyrene emission to intense green-blue “pyrene-excimer” emission when exposed to carbon monoxide.


Research on this and related projects continues in the laboratory of Prof. Michael Wolf in the Department of Chemistry at the University of British Columbia.  Check out his website - follow the links from to the faculty’s web pages and the Wolf research group’s home page.


You can also read about this research in the following published articles:


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Other research I’ve been involved with:


T.A.E. Loss, C.W. Rogers and M. O. Wolf.  (1998)  "Composite poly(p-phenylenevinylene)-Nafion thin films."  Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 76(11), 1554-1558.


C. Kerst, C.W. Rogers, R. Ruffolo and W.J. Leigh.  (1997)  "Direct detection and characterization of a transient 1-silaallene derivative in solution."  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 119, 466-471.



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