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Dr. Joanne Turnbull (Skip):  Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Wenjuan Hou, M.Sc. in progress (Sept 2006 - present) “Site-directed Mutagenesis Studies of a Hyperthermophilic Dehydrogenase”

John Manioudakis, Ph.D. in progress (Sept 2002 - present) “Examining the Reactivity of Active Site Residues in Multi-domain Enzymes”

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Past Members

Graduate Students Supervised or co-supervised:

Julie Bonvin, Ph.D. (200?), “Mechanistic Studies on a Dehydrogenase from a Hyperthermophile”. Current position ?????

Sarah Jane Martinez, M.Sc. (2004), Co-supervisor Ashraf Ismail, McGill University “Isotopic Labeling of the Domains of RSU of ATCase Using Intein Technology and Structural Analysis by FTIR and 2D Correlation Spectroscopy” currently technician at Royal Victoria Hospital.

Lorena Boju, Co-op M.Sc. (2004), Co-supervisor Miroslaw Cygler, BRI, Montreal. “Purification and Preliminary Crystallographic Analysis of PR-AMP Cyclohdrolase from M. thermoautotrophicum” currently in office of Environmental Health and Safety, Concordia University.

Kevork Mekhssian, M.Sc. (2003), “Structure/Function Studies on a Bifunctional Enzyme in Tyrosine Biosynthesis”, currently a research scientist at Boehringer-Ingelheim Research Inc., Montreal.

Raphael Aponte, M. Sc. (2002), “Mechanistic Studies on a Monofunctional Dehydrogenase from a Thermophilic Bacterium”, currently PhD student at Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg, Germany.

Gopal Devananathan, Co-op M.Sc. (2003), Co-supervision with Enrico Purisima, BRI, Montreal, “The Design of Substrates for Cathepsin X”, currently a musician in Montreal.

Takrima Haque, M.Sc. (2001) Co-supervision with Dr. Ashraf Ismail, Dept. Food Science, McGill University. “Studying the Unfolding of  Catalytic Subunit of ATCase Employing Isotope-Edited FTIR Spectroscopy in conjunction with 2D Correlation Analysis” .  Currently Ph.D. student at McGill University.

Katarina Russo, Co-op M.Sc. (2001). Co-supervision with Dr. Hans Zingg, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal. "Regulation of the Oxytocin Receptor". Currently a research technician in lab of Dr. Zingg.

Fenny Ismoyo, Ph.D. (2000). Co-supervision with Dr. Ashraf Ismail, Dept. of  Food Science, McGill University. “Investigation of Protein Structure Under Selected Physico-Chemical Conditions by Circular Dichroism and FTIR”. Presently professor of food science at University in Indonesia.

Enrico Schleiff, Ph.D. (1999). Co-supervision with Dr. Gordon Shore, Dept. of Biochemistry, McGill University. “Protein Import into Mitochondria:  a Study on hTom20”. Currently Assistant professor, Department of Biology, LMU Munich, Germany.

Colin Rieger, M.Sc. (1998), “A Continuous Spectrophotometric Assay for Aspartate Transcarbamylase and Other Phosphate Releasing Enzymes”, Ph.D. in Biochemistry U. of Melbourne, Australia, then on staff at Scientific Patent Department , Canberra, A.C.T., Australia.

Dinesh Christendat, Ph.D.  Sept. 1993-Aug. 1998, “Mechanistic Studies on Chorismate Mutase-Prephenate Dehydrogenase”, currently Assistant Professor of Cell and Systems Biology (formerly Dept. of Botany), University of Toronto.
Undergraduate Students supervised:

Stephen Phung
(450) Co-op with T. Chan (Hopital St. Luc) “Drug Treatment is Associated with Upregulation of CD95/Apo-1/Fas Receptors Leading to Apoptosis in Mouse Liver”, February 2006

Lisa Bulet (450) “pH Dependence of a Mutase Reaction”, May 2005
Juliana Kohrana (490) “Optimizing the Biosynthesis of Chorismate”, April 2005
Tanya Tolomeo (490) “Effect of Salt,  Metal Ions on a Dehydrogenase”, April 2005

Maria Marcantonio (450) “Characterization of a Truncated Form of A. aeolicus PD”, December 2004
Caroline Chu (419) “Characterization of Mutants Involved in Tyrosine Inhibition of PD”, May 2004
Maher Jandali Riffai (450) “Examination of the Mechanism of Tyrosine Inhibition”, April 2004

Michelle D’Antoni (450) “Expression and Purification of Two Variants of PD from A. aeolicus”, December 2003
Janice Lawandi (450) “Purification and Characterization of the Stability of 20 Recombinant PD from A. aeolicus”, December 2003
Donovan Chan (450) “Alpha Screen in Monitoring the Ubiquitination of Protein” co-supervised with BioSignal, Montreal, December 2003
Medhi Noei (summer research assistant) 2003

Jonah Prevost (450) “Structural Studies of ATCase and Whey Proteins using Atomic Force Microscopy” co-supervised with Dr. Ashraf Ismail, Dept. of  Food Science, McGill University, December 2002
Gordon Stark (419) “Site-Directed Mutagenesis of a Residue Involved in Substrate Binding” December 2002
Suzan MacNamara (490) “Characterization of Mono- and Bi-functional Forms of PD Purified by IMAC Technology”, December 2002
Tony Lee (450) “Examination of CM-PD Inhibition by Tyrosine”, May 2002
James McLauchlan (450) “Titration of Lys37 in CM-PD by  Differential Peptide Mapping”, May 2002
David Ghattas (450) on-campus supervisor for project performed at McGill (Goodyer) “DNAse I Footprinting of a 421 bp Region of the Putative Liver-Specific Human Growth Receptor Gene Promotor”, April 2002
Pierre Morin (419) on-campus supervisor for project performed at U. de Montreal Hospital Notre Dame  (Jean-Pierre Emond) March 2002
James Macgee (450) “Determination of pK of Cysteines in a Mutant of ATCase”, January 2002
Antony Antonecchia (450)—on-campus supervisor for project performed at Lady Davis (R. Germinario) January 2002

Liza Azeff (390) “Purification of His-tagged CM-PD”, August 2001
Kimberly Bull (summer research student) “Characterizing Ala86 of CM-PD”, 2001
Stephanie Clothier (419) “Examining the Role of Lys 37 in CM-PD”,  May-Aug 2001
Steve Spetsieris (419) “Identifying the Reactive Cysteine Involved in the Tetramerization of CM-PD”, 2001
Sarah Martinez (Biotechnology Diploma (McGill University) summer stage) “Expressing the RSU of ATCase as two domains for isotope editing FTIR”, will be starting M. Sc. with me co-supervised with Ismail at McGill
Ming-Ni (summer student), McGill University “Domain Expression for FTIR” with Ismail at McGill 
Samantha Abenhaim (419) “Expression and Purification of His-tagged Cm-PD”, May 2001
Kimberly Bull (450 ) “Investigating the Role of Glu86 in CM-PD”  April 2001

Catherine Campbell (419) “Titrating Cys of ATCase by FTIR”, December 2000
Kevork Mekhssian (part-time technician) “Preparation of chorismate and purification of CM-PD” (Sept.-Dec. 2000)
Julie Bonvin (Undergraduate Research Stage, Lyon France) “Purification and Characterization of PNPase from E. coli” 2000
Sebastien Guyon (Undergraduate Research Stage, Lyon France) “Synthesis of 7-Methyl Inosine for the Coupled Assay using PNPase” 2000
Maria Solis (390, NSERC Undergrad Award) “Expressing and Characterizing His-tagged CM-PD”, 2000
Raphael Aponte (summer undergraduate) “(1) Purification of H189N Mutant from Inclusion Bodies; (2) Characterization of PNPase”, 2000
Dominic Beliveau (490)“Investigating Position 189 in the Mechanism of Chorismate Mutase-Prephenate Dehydrogenase”, Aug 2000
Marc Bourbeau (450) “Examining the Role of Glutamate 86 in the Mechanism of Chorismate Mutase-Prephenate Dehydrogenase”, May 2000

Serena Filosi (450) “Comparison of Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase from E. coli and a bacterial source from Sigma”, October 1999

Andrew Strunga (490) “(1) Improving the Yield of Chorismic Acid and (2) Mechanistic Study of a Mutase-Dehydrogenase Mutant”, April 1998
David Hambly (290) “Synthesis of PALA” , winter 1998
Vivian Saridakis (summer student) “Mutagenesis of ATCase”. 1997
John Lee (450) “Cloning and  Expression of E. coli PNPase”, January 1997.

John Lee (Co-op work summer work term) “Chemical Modification of CM-PD”. 1996
Gia Klironomous (419) “Characterizing Arg105 mutants of ATCase”, January 1996
Gia Klironomous (summer student), summer 1996

Colin Rieger
(part-time technician) “Improving Chorismate Biosynthesis” (1995 entire year).
Carole Townsley (450) “Characterization of Arg42Ala of ATCase”, January 1995
Glenn Stanisforth (490) “Testing a Continuous Visible Spectcrophotometric Assay  for ATCase”, April 1995.
Kendall Noel (450) - on-campus supervisor for CO-OP, thesis completed at IAF April 1995.

Laurent Castellucci
(450) “Conditions for thiol titration in ATCase”, December 1994
Michel Khammer (490) “Steps Towards a Chimeric ATCase”, April 1994
Laurent Castellucci (summer NSERC Undergraduate Award) 1994
Gia Klironomous (summer student) “Purification of ATCase” 1994
Korous Moozar – on-campus supervisor for COOP, thesis completed at Jewish General Hospital, 1994
Pina Teoli -- on-campus supervisor for COOP, thesis completed at UQAM, 1994

Sylvie Wise (290) “Purifying Ala54 ATCase”, summer 1993
Mark Kleinman (summer student), purifying ATCase, summer 1993
Celia Chu (Science Fair Project) – electrophoresis, fall 1993
The Skip
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