Individual Group members


Alexei A. Fedortchenko (Ph. D. incomplete). The Effects of Cyclodextrins, Micelles, and Dendrimers on Organic Reactions. 

M.Sc. 1998. Stabilization of Transition States of Organic reactions by Cyclodextrins, Micelles, and Dendrimers. 
B.Sc. 1995. Dissociation Constants of Host-Guest Complexes formed from Cyclodextrins and Ketones.


Ogaritte Jennifer Yazbeck finished her in Ph.D. in late 2004. She studied (a) Binding of Ketones to Cyclodextrins; (b) Catalysis of ester thiolysis, ester aminolysis and related reactions by Micelles. 

She has been teaching college level chemistry.


Delna Ghadiali, M.Sc. 2000. Effects of Cyclodextrins on the Aminolysis of the 4-Acetoxy-benzoate Ion. B.Sc. 1998. Solvent Effects on Acetal and Orthoester Hydrolysis.

She completed an M.B.A. at the University of Ottawa, got married and is living and working in Calgary.


Isabelle E. Turner, M.Sc. 1999. (a) Binding of Sugars to Cyclodextrins. (b) Mechanism of Bromination of 2-Aminopyrimidine and related compounds. B.Sc. 1997. Effects of Cyclodextrins on the Hydrolysis of an Orthoester. 

She works at Draxis Pharmaceutical in Kirkland. Isabelle & hubby Rick Arnett are proud parents of two sons.

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Doris Badaan, B.Sc. student, 1999. Bromination of Aniline Derivatives.
She works as a chmeist/accountant for Namtek Consulting Services, laval, Quebec,

Mr. Teeth

David Yeung, Co-op student, 1998. Solvent Effects on Ester Cleavage. B.Sc. Honours, 2001.

Doing an M.Sc. with Gilles Peslherbes and Ann English, at Concordia University.


Paul G. Loncke, M.Sc. 1998. Hydrolytic Cleavage of p-Nitrophenyl Esters of N-protected Amino Acid Esters in the presence of Cyclodextrins: Transition State Stabilization. B.Sc. 1995. The Binding of Aliphatic Ketones to Cyclodextrins.

He did a Ph.D. with Gilles Pesleherbes at Concordia University, and then he was a post-doc at McMaster with Paul Berti. Now teaching at John Abbott CEGEP.


Shawn Collins, B.Sc. 1997. Effect of Potential Inhibitors on the Catalyzed Enolization of 2-Indanone and of Ester Cleavage with Various Cyclodextrins.

Shawn obtained a Ph.D. with Alex Fallis, at the U. of Ottawa (2001) and was an NSERC PDF with Larry Overman at UC Irvine, California. He is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Montreal.

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Samer Hussein, B.Sc. Co-op student, 1997 & 1998. Binding of Sugars and other guests to Cyclodextrins.

He obtained a Ph.D. in Oncology, at McGill University and is now (2007) working as a post-doc in Finland.

Cris Harrison

Cris Harrison, B.Sc. 1997. Cyclodextrin-mediated Cleavage of o-Nitrophenyl Esters.

He did a Ph.D. at UBC with Ed Piers and was then a post-doc in the US.  He is currently .....


Patrick Lim Soo, B.Sc. 1997. Effects of Cyclodextrins on the Hydrolysis of an Acetal.

He did a Ph.D. at McGill with Adi Eisenberg and then was post-doc in Pharmacy in Toronto.

Mike Boyd

Michael J. Boyd, B.Sc. 1997. The Enolization of Ketones mediated by Cyclodextrins. Also, worked as a co-op student on the Catalysis of Ester Aminolysis by Cyclodextrins and the Cleavage of Naphthyl Esters by Cyclodextrins. He also did Co-op work terms in the lab.

He did an M.Sc. with Youla Tsantrizos. He is now doing research for Merck-Frosst in Kirkland, Qc.


Timothy A. Gadosy, Ph.D. 1995. Stabilization by Natural and Unnatural Cyclodextrins of the Transition States of Acyl Transfers of p-Nitrophenyl Alkanoate Esters.  B.Sc. 1990.  Molecular Spectators in the Cleavage of p-Nitrophenyl Acetate by α-Cyclodextrin.

After post-docs with Bob McClelland and Linda Johnston, Tim was an Assistant Professor at Concordia (1998-2000), and then a software developer. He has also worked for Aventis Pharmaceuticals and he is now with Bombardier.


Javier B. Giorgi, B.Sc. 1995. Cooperative Behaviour by Two Different Cyclodextrins in a Reaction: Evidence of Bimodal Transition State Binding. Also worked as a part-time research assistant on various projects, and as a Science College student.

Javier did his Ph.D. with John Polanyi in Toronto, and was a post-doc in the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin. He is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa.


Robert A. Donga, B.Sc. 1996. Catalysis of Enolization of 2-Indanone by Cyclodextrins in Basic Solution. 

After working in industry for a while, he is now doing a Ph.D. with Masad Damha, at McGill.

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Chad Dalton, B.Sc. 1996. Intramolecular Catalysis of the Halogenation of b-Keto Acids.  Now working for Merck.

Ali Berkin

Ali Berkin, B.Sc. 1992. The Oxidation of Formic Acid by Bromine catalyzed by a- and b-Cyclodextrins. He completed a Ph.D. with Walter Szarek at Queen's University and he was a post-doc at NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. Now he works for Frommer, Lawrence and Haug, an "Intellectual Property Law Firm", in New York City.

Nicolas Clement, B.Sc. 1992. The Effect of Chain Length on the Mediation of the Cleavage of p-Nitrophenyl Alkanoates by Alcohols. Nicolas was an exchange student and after his stage here, he returned to France.

Ayuk Ako, M.Sc. 1992. Kinetics and Mechanism of the Aqueous Bromination of 3-Hydroxypyridines. Taught in the Cameroun. Was doing a Ph.D. in Germany.

Massimo Bozzi, M.Sc. 1992. Transition State Stabilization by Potential Inhibitors. Teaching science and math in a school in Toronto.

Bushra C. Javed, M.Sc. 1990.  Catalysis of Bromination by α-Cyclodextrin. Has taught CEGEP.  She now lives with her family in Florida.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, B.Sc. 1989.  Effects of Aqueous Dimethyl Sulphoxide Mixtures on the α- and β-Cyclodextrin-mediated Cleavage of m- and p-Nitrophenyl Acetates.  

Rafael is a Mexican-Canadian electronic artist who now lives in Madrid, Spain. He works in relational architecture, technological theatre and performance art.

His work has been shown in over a dozen countries. See:

Xian-xian Du,M.Sc. 1989.  The Cleavage of Aryl Alkanoates by Cyclodextrins.  He obtained a Ph.D. from U de Montréal (with Jim Wuest) and he did a post-doc in the U.S.. He is now working in Kansas City.

Jorgen J. Hoeven, B.Sc. 1989.  Activation by Putative Inhibitors in the Cleavage of p-Nitrophenyl Acetate by β-Cyclodextrin in Basic Solution.  At the time of writing, he is the Director of Corporate and Environmental Services for the Town of Perth, in Eastern Ontario.

Charles Mazza, B.Sc. 1988.  Chain Length Effects in the Cleavage of Aryl Esters by Cyclodextrins.  A Comparison of 4- and 5-Chlorosalicyl Alkanoates.  Specialty minerals Incorporated.

John A. Enos, B.Sc. 1987.  Solvent Effects on the Rates of Hydrolysis of p-Nitrophenyl Alkanoates Esters. He went to work for the equipment supplier, Fisher Scientific.

Georgia D. Spiropoulos, M.Sc. 1986.  Reversible Ring-Opening of Thiamine and Related Thiazolium Cations. Was teaching.

Janice M. Bennett. B.Sc. 1983.  The Effect of α-Cyclodextrin on the Kinetics of Aqueous Bromination of Anisole. M.Sc. 1986.  The Effect of α-Cyclodextrin on the Bromination of Phenols. For many years, she lived and worked in Southern Ontario for 3M Corporation. Recently, she moved to Minnesota.

Bryan K. Takasaki, B.Sc. 1986.  Effect of α-Cyclodextrin on the Debromination of the 2,5-Cyclohexadienone Intermediate derived from the Bromination of 5-Methylsalicyclic Acid. He got a Ph.D. from McGill (with Jik Chin) and was post-doc with Peter Dervan at Cal-Tech  He now works for Astra-Zeneca and has moved to the Boston, Mass area.

Jana Pika, B.Sc. 1985.  A Study of the Equilibrium between 5-Bromo-2(1H)-pyrimidinone and its Covalent Hydrate. Jana did a Ph.D. with Ray Anderson at UBC, and then post-doc work at Scripps in San Diego. She is a Senior Scientist in Analytical Research and Development at Firmenich (Princeton, N.J.) which claims to be the world's largest privately-held company in the perfumes & flavours industry.


N. Rani Iyengar, Ph.D. 1985 and post-doc.  Mechanisms of the Aqueous Bromination of p-Hydroxybenzoic Acid, Salicylic acid, and Phenol.

A CEGEP college teacher of Chemistry at Dawson College, Montreal; she is married to Charlie Berks (next).


Charles G. Berks, M.Sc. 1979 and Ph.D. 1983.  The Mechanisms of Bromination of Cytosines and Uracils.

Charlie is also a CEGEP college teacher of Chemistry, but at John Abbot College, in Ste-Anne de Bellevue.

Rani & Charlie live in Dorval.

Michael P. Jansen, M.Sc. 1984.  On the Ring-Opening of Pyrido-[1,2a]-pyrimidinium Cations. Teacher at a boys' high school in Toronto.

Martino Paventi, Ph.D. 1984.  Mechanisms of Aqueous Bromination of Pyrimidones, Pyridones, and Phenols. He went to McGill University as a post-doc with Jack Edward and later was a research associate with Alan Hay. He is now working as Technical Director for ARC Resins Corporation, Longueuil, Quebec.

Mike Trani

Michael Trani, B.Sc. 1982. Hydrolytic Ring-Opening of a Pyrimidinium Cation.

For many years he has been working at the NRC Biotechnology Research Institute.

Leonard Bloomfield,  B.Sc. 1981. He went to medical school at Queen's U. and then ... 

Elizabeth Ostrowski-Janik, B.Sc. 1981. She obtained an M.Sc. (1984) from McGill University, working with George Just. She is now teaching college level chemistry and is head of the department at Champlain College, in St. Lambert, Qc.

Fotini Smirni-Platis,  B.Sc. 1980.

Nelson Caravajal,  B.Sc. 1980.  After gaining an M.Sc. with Ray Zienius, he returned to Venezuela and worked at the Venezuelan Petroleum Research Centre, doing research and developing methods in gas chromatography. He is now working in similar research in Florida.

David C. Thackray,  B.Sc. 1978. He worked on a Ph.D. with Brian James at UBC, and then he ....

Kevin D. Wood, B.Sc. 1977. Went to work for Syncrude in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Eva M. Kazdan,  B.Sc. 1974; M.Sc. 1976; Ph.D. 1980.

Ghanshyam V. Patil,  M.Sc. 1975.  He did a Ph.D. with Steve Hanessian at l'Université de Montréal (1978).  After, he went to work for Abbot Labs, and later he was with American Home Products Corp in the USA.

Masaki Endo, M.Sc. 1974.  Went to work at Bristol Labs in Brossard, Qc.

Julianna A. Altmann, M.Sc. 1972. She did a Ph.D. at U of Toronto with Keith Yates.  For many years, she was working at the University of London (UK) Computing Centre, and at King's College, London.


Sujit Banerjee was my first graduate student.  He worked on the bromination of various pyrimidines in aqueous solution for his M.Sc. (1972) and Ph.D. (1974).  After, he did a post-doc with Nick Werstiuk, at McMaster University.  He has worked at the Brookhaven National Labs, Long Island, N.Y., and later at the Syracuse Research Institute, Syracuse, N.Y..

Currently, he is Professor and Senior Fellow at the Institute of Paper Science and Technology, Atlanta, Georgia which is now part of Georgia Tech. in Atlanta.

Some Group pictures

1999 Group

Isabelle Turner, Dr. T., David Yeung, Alexei Fedortchenko and Delna Ghadiali, in the lab in the Hall Building, on the Sir George Williams Campus (1999).


Rick Arnett, Shawn Collins, Mike Boyd, and Isabelle Turner just after their graduation with B.Sc. degrees, in 1997.


Dr. T, Tim Gadosy, Mike Boyd, Paul Loncke, Cris Harrison, and Shawn Collins (kneeling), in the lab of the Hall Building of the SGW campus, in 1996-7.

1995 Group

Javier Giorgi, Dr. T., Mike Boyd and Tim Gadosy at the Boss's house for a summer BBQ, in 1995.

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Rubber rafting on the Rouge River - Summer 2000

Oh, oh!         Ah, ah, ah!           We survived!

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