B.Sc. (1963 - Sheffield University)
Ph.D. (1966 - Sheffield University)
Present Rank: Professor Emeritus
Office Loyola Campus: SP-201.03
Phone: (514) 848-3367
Fax: (514) 848-2868


Former research area: Inorganic/organometallic synthesis and X-ray crystallography


The following are courses that I have taught during my career at Concordia.

  • Chemistry 205 - General Chemistry I
  • Chemistry 206 - General Chemistry II
  • Chemistry 241 - Inorganic Chemistry I (Bonding)
  • Chemistry 242 - Inorganic Chemistry II (Main Group Elements)
  • Chemistry 341 - Inorganic Chemistry III (Transition Metals)

Instructional Applets and Scripts

The following were mostly originally written as Java applets and more recently converted to Javascript to avoid browser security issues:
(The java applets still work with Internet Explorer if the Java security settings are set appropriately.)

Last updated: August, 2018