Agilent 1100 HPLC with autosampler and UV/fluorescence detection
Apollo 4000 Free Radical Analyzer for nitric oxide (NO) detection
MBraun Glove Box
Fumehood and -80°C Freezer
Microcentrifuges and PCR machine (..and telephone)
Jean-François hard at work in the “wet” laboratory
Agilent UV-vis spectrometer with thermostatted sample holder
Bench in the “wet” laboratory
Balances and pH meters
SpeedVac solvent evaporator
eckman-Coulter DU800 UV-vis spectrometer with stirred/thermostated sample holder
IR spectrometer
VWR Chromatography Fridge


Concordia University

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Centre for Research in Molecular Modeling

Reactive Intermediates Student Exchange