CHEM 293 - Problem Sets,...

As stated in the syllabus, there will not be formal problem sets or assignments. However, here are some problem sets from previous years; the "assigned" dates are approximate. You are strongly encouraged to work through the problems sets once the topic has been covered. Print them, and with your answers stick to the space supplied in each question. You have to pay attention to detail in your answers. Only check your answers against those posted once you are done, do not peek at the answers earlier, that defeats the purpose. Pay particular attention to whether your answers have the same type of detail as the answers provided! Additional statements for clarification are given on the answer sheets in green. Finally, it is possible that you arrive at a different answer for a certain question; that still might be correct (if there are multiple approaches, I have only listed a selection of acceptable answers). If you have questions, bring your answers (or attempts) to me in my office.

Each question in a problem set has a point value. "5 points" suggests that it should take you about 5 minutes to complete the question; should you need much longer, you are either too slow and need more practice, or you are going about it wrong. I suggest in that case you come and talk to me. You can expect similar style questions and point values for the exams.

Problems might be discussed in class, especially if I receive a request to do so.

UV spectroscopy Answers
IR spectroscopy Answers
1H NMR spectroscopy Answers
13C NMR spectroscopy Answers
2D NMR spectroscopy Answers
Mass spectrometry Answers

...Practice Sessions,...

Slides from the practice sessions (mc is multiple choice) and their answers are posted here. The first page is always the blank, the second page the solution. Do not look at the solution before you have really tried the problem yourself!

Session 1 molecular formula
Session 2 UV-Vis
Session 2-mc UV-Vis
Session 3 IR
Session 3-mc IR
Session 4 1H NMR
Session 4a 1H NMR
Session 5 1H NMR, complex coupling
Session 5a 1H NMR, complex coupling
Session 5b 1H NMR, complex coupling
Session 6 COSY
Session 6a COSY
Session 6b COSY, HETCOR
Session 7
Session 7a
combined problems

...and Exams

The following are links to practice exams. The "Final" is much longer than the S17 Final will be, to give you more practice problems for Exam 2. The "Labexam" is a shortened version.

Exam 1
Exam 2

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