Oswald S. Tee
Concordia University   
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, 7141 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, Quebec, CANADA   H4B 1R9
Research:  For well over 40 years, my research was mainly concerned with elucidating the Mechanisms of Organic Chemical Reactions.  I was especially interested in reactions involving highly reactive minority species, e.g. enols, enolates and enamines. My group's projects often entailed the study of transient intermediates through direct spectroscopic observation and/or from the analysis of reaction kinetics. We showed that the electrophilic bromination of many aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds in aqueous solution involves at least two steps, and one or more of these steps may be catalyzed by acids, bases, metal ions, and/or complexing agents.  My last research was concerned with the effects of solvents or host-guest binding on organic reactivity.  I was interested in Transition State Stabilization arising from solvent change or the binding of transition states to Catalysts (actual or potential) such as dendrimers, micelles and cyclodextrins ("nanobuckets").  In effect, our work delved into the origins of Supramolecular Catalysis.  For more details click on one of the links below.
Students should note that I stopped doing research in 2005, so please do not write to me looking for a position.
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Courses:  During the years 1970-2002, I taught a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry and especially in physical organic chemistry
Biography:  Born in Northampton, England (1941).

B.Sc., Leicester University, U.K. (1963); M.Sc., McMaster University, Canada (1965); Ph.D., University of East Anglia, U.K. (1968); Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Toronto, Canada (1968-70); Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada (1993).

Sir George Williams University, Montreal: Assistant Professor (1970-74). Concordia University, Montreal: Associate Professor (1974-83); Professor (1983-2000); Professor Emeritus (2000-2002); Distinguished Professor Emeritus (2002 - ...

Visiting Professor: University of California, Santa Cruz, U.S.A. (1978-79); University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France (1985-86); University of Toronto (1992-93); Visiting Research Fellow, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia (1999-2000).


A Special Issue of the FREE electronic journal Arkivoc was published in my honour in 2001 (issue #12, click here) and

in 2002, a profile was published in the Concordia University Arts & Science Magazine, Panorama (see PDF file here).

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