Lecture 13: Multiple regression part 3

March 9, 2023 (6th week of classes)

Multiple regression (part 3)

Multiple regression is likely the most used statistical tool. In this lecture we will cover the basics of multiple regression. Lectures 12 through 14 cover the many details involving multiple regression and its applications.

Many basic principles and assumptions of multiple regressions are similar to simple linear regressions. These were covered in details in BIOL322 and are only superficially covered in BIOL422/BIOL680. Here are the link for our BIOL322 simple regression module:

http://mypage.concordia.ca/faculty/pperesne/BIOL322_2020/lecture-19-regression-part-1.html http://mypage.concordia.ca/faculty/pperesne/BIOL322_2020/tutorial-11-simple-linear-regression.html http://mypage.concordia.ca/faculty/pperesne/BIOL322_2020/lecture-20-regression-part-2.html


Download lecture: 3 slides per page and outline

Download lecture: 1 slide per page