Goal of this WebBook

This web resource (calling it here a WebBook) was built to provide BIOL322 students with a more integrated and streamlined environment for distributing lectures (videos), lecture notes, external resources (e.g., videos, links to other web resources, etc) and tutorials. This is our book and, as such, any comments on how to improve it are welcomed.

Note that this WebBook doesn’t replace Moodle. I’ll update the book constantly and send messages when it’s updated as new components are added. But make sure to browse it frequently. The same for our Moodle page.

Moodle will be used for:

- Assessments: Quizzes and exams.
- General communication between Instructor (Pedro) and students.
- Discussion Forum.
- Posting reports.

This WebBook will serve to provide:

- Better integration between practicing data analyses using R (tutorials), 
and the theoretical and conceptual components of statistics (lectures).
- Distribute detailed lectures notes.
- Distribute videos.
- Distribute slides of lectures and other resources.

During the entire term, I’ll be sending information in a way that the integration of Moodle and our WebBook should seem seamless.

Course Syllabus

Our course Syllabus can be viewed or downloaded in Moodle or here:
Download syllabus

Making the left slidebar disappear & appear (toggle)

To improve reading, you may want to make the slidebar of this WebBook disappear and then
make it appear later on when browsing among lectures, tutorials, etc.  To do that, simply  
touch with your mouse the Toggle button at the top (i.e., 4 vertical lines besides the   
magnifying glass, which is used for searching the WebBook.