Lecture 3: Displaying data

September 13, 2022 (2nd week of classes)
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Graphs: The art of designing information

A really important component of statistics is the ability of representing data and data summaries in the form of graphs. They can be simple or very complex, depending on the data and research designs. In this lecture (including all the material included in this page), we will cover the basic graphs and how to best convey information. What is a good graph? What is a bad graph? How can the same data conveyed by two different graphs portray different information?

The simple genius of a good graph, by Tody McCall, Information designer.


part 1 (synchronous)

Designing information

Download lecture: 3 slides per page and outline

Download lecture: 1 slide per page

Note: Slide 31 (part 1), bottom right graph (out of 4 graphs) had the lines for grain variety B and C reversed. They are corrected in the slides (pdf files) but not in the video. It should be straightforward to compare the slide versus the video and note the issue. Again, the slide has the correct order and not the video.

part 2 (asynchronous): Exploring two important guidelines for Data visualization

Download asynchronous component: 3 slides per page and outline

Download asynchronous component: 1 slide per page