Lecture 2: Key Jargon

September 8, 2022
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Statistics has jargon

Unlike for us in real life, in BioStats, as is the case of most disciplines, we need to learn how to talk first before walking!

As in most disciplines, it is difficult to understand concepts without a minimum amount of jargon. Statistics and BioStatistics is no different. In Lecture 2 we will develop the basic vocabulary necessary to learn BioStatistics and progress in the course. With practice, it will become natural. For the time being, please put some effort in getting acquainted with the jargon; you will need it!

Lighting Up Statistics - Population and Sample, by Merrylin Groom from UNSW, Australia

QUESTION: After this video, can you tell the difference between n and N?

Types of Data: Categorical vs Numerical Data, by 365 Data Science



Slides will go here prior to the lecture.

Download lecture: 3 slides per page and outline

Download lecture: 1 slide per page

Video - This is the recording from 2021; the slides may have changed but not dramatically. In past years, when lectures were not recorded, students did well only studying the slides. So, although the recording may be useful, it’s not critical.