What to study?

1) What do you need to study for assignments and exams?

ANSWER: Everything under the lecture chapter in the WebBook. I post material (some based on our own videos and other short videos from a variety of sources, lecture slides can be downloaded from the WebBook, written text and figures posted in the WebBook) to provide you with a broad perspective about statistics and biostatistics. All the material posted there under each lecture is key to your learning and assessments (assignments and exams). So, everything that is posted within a lecture AND tutorial can be used for assessment. Videos are in general very short!

2) Do exams contain detailed knowledge of R?

ANSWER: No! But assignments (“take home”) other than exams do. I do ask for some calculations in exams and assignments that can be done by hand and some very basic knowledge of commands in R. Examples will be provided in quizzes.

3) Do we cover material in the lectures not covered in the lecture slides?

ANSWER: Lectures are ways to thread concepts and knowledge within context. Lecture slides are not designed as a book even though they are pretty thorough! In short, attending lectures is key to succeeding in this course.