Lecture 13: One-Sample Testing

October 27th, 2022 (7th week of classes)

Developing further intuition on statistical hypothesis testing; and one-sample tests for a continuous variable (normally distributed)

The first part of the lecture provides an analogy between statistical hypothesis testing and the US judicial system. This analogy has become a common pedagogical scheme in many introduction statistical courses to assist students with a long-lasting understanding of statistical hypothesis testing.

The second part of the lecture introduces statistical hypothesis testing for continuous variables that are assumed normal. The first test of this class of tests is the “one-sample t-test”. This introduces the classic application of the t-distribution in statistical significance testing.

What is a Hypothesis Test and a P-Value? And the one-sample t-test, by “The Puppet Master of Statistics”



Download lecture: 3 slides per page and outline

Download lecture: 1 slide per page